Let Me Sleep In Your Palm

Darkened by the color of uncertainty my soul be cremated in the fire of lost burnt down to the coldest ground broken into pieces of thousands piles . drowned deeper to the endless hole where ain’t an eye will see and endure none to grab and to hold tight drowned slowly from inch it can be . waiting the sound of waited one to fill up my deaf becomes just to give a hope and chance that this soul still not not listen . I speak no such language so many times I’ve stayed in the silence no words created and be gained when no soul wants such a share . just as a fallen leave says good bye to the branch flies away and touches the ground die and kisses the mother land . broken into pieces my soul is a small part hopes others still around just wait a moment in time when someone gathers to create one . please speak to me with Your language touch me with Your warmest hands watch me with Your shaded eyes and God, please let me sleep in Your palm Cogito Ergo Sum

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